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          CFFF FM Trent Radio 92.7 - Nogo/Ptbo and Area

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          92.7 CFFF FM in Peterborough, ON

          287 on Cogeco ble

          Summer Season begins May 1, 2022

          View our current broadst schedule

          Programme proposals accepted on a rolling basis

          Trent Radio is a Producer-Oriented broadst facility, that started as a TrentU student club in 1968. Sponsored and designed by students from Trent University, Trent Radio incorporated as a registered charity with a Community Broadst license in 1978, and is a resource that is shared with the Peterborough community.

          Listen online

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          Get Involved

          Each year, Trent students and community members n apply to have their own show by filling out a Programme Proposal, and bringing it down to Trent Radio House in September. It’s a great way to learn about the Peterborough-area community and to share your ideas, music and meet new friends. Trent Radio provides all the support, guidance and training you need to have your own show. Come and learn about the power & potential of radio.

          Get In Touch

          office / admin (705) 741 4011
          studio / on-air (705) 748 4761
          email info@
          social media Facebook Twitter Instagram
          mail / in person
          715 George St. N
          Peterborough, ON
          K9H 3T2

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